"Very early on, I began to capture my personal impressions, feelings and experiences based on colours and structures in my paintings. My works show important experiences and thoughts of myself. Painting is my way of expression, so I communicate and free overwhelming feelings, but also inner unrest, which is reflected in my works. Tastes are different, but every person feels and sees art differently and so everyone can let their own senses, fantasies and feelings run wild in my abstract art."



Ruhrakademie Schwerte, Germany


10th January 2021 - 31th January 2021 

Virtual group show "New Era" by ArtNumber 23, London

4th June 2021 - 11th June 2021

Group Show "Boomer Week" by Boomer Gallery, London

07th October 2021 

Charity Auction  for "Stiftung Kinderglück" at the 11th Consilium Investment Night, Germany

14th November 2021 

Group Show "schmiedeKUNST" by Caren Meiners, Germany


Charity Auction

Westfälischer Industrieclub Dortmund, Germany